CDs & mp3 downloads

Hypnotherapy CDs & mp3 downloads

Each hypnotherapy session is tailored to a client's unique situation and circumstances. This approach is generally more effective than a 'one size fits all' approach. Many clients also like to have a recording for home use.

I can provide a CD recording of your hypnotherapy session as an optional extra to enhance your therapy session. This can be a useful way to reinforce your hypnosis treatment and provide a lasting change in the shortest time.

Recordings are available with either a waking ending or a sleep ending, allowing you to listen in bed before drifting off to sleep.

A recording is a convenient way of not only reinforcing your hypnotherapy treatment, but also allows you to listen at your own convenience as often as you like.

I recommend that you listen to your recording in a comfortable place (chair or bed) where you will not be interrupted. If you can listen using a good pair of headphones, this can enhance the process further. Recordings come with a binaural audio background track to help you to relax further.


Personalised recordings are available on CD (with an mp3 back up sent via email) at a cost of £25

If you can't get to see me...

If you can't get to see me in person at one of the clinics or via Skype, it is still possible to for me to help you.

I can provide a personalised recording based on a consultation via telephone. The consultation will last up to an hour, and will allow me to assess how best to assist you.

Please contact me via email or telephone to arrange a consulation.

The fee for remote consultation and CD (with an mp3 back up sent via email) including P&P within the UK is £75

Tel: 01756 761604 or 07407 193395 for more details.

More About Hypnotherapy

The potentials of hypnotherapy are almost endless. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Here are some FAQs about Hypnotherapy.