Psychosexual Issues

Psychosexual Issues

Psychosexual difficulties can cause serious problems for individuals, whether they are in a long-term relationship or not. Part of the problem is that males and females function in very different ways since their lives are based on entirely different fundamental processes inherited from our ancient ancestors and passed down through many generations. We also learn how we should respond in sexual situations from a wide range of sources - our parents, society, friends, the media, pornography... all these contribute to how we believe we should act and what a sexual relationship should be like. Often, though, things are vastly different and this can cause a conflict between our expectations and reality. Sadly, abuse is far too common, whether emotional, physical or sexual, and can profoundly impact on personal relationships. All of these things can contribute to psychosexual problems.

We would recommend that anybody concerned about psychosexual issues should, as a first point of call, contact their doctor to ensure that there are no physical conditions present that may be causing or contributing to the problem.

We can identify four areas of difficulty:

  • General problems, which might be experienced by individuals or couples;
  • Male problems: Problems specific to male sexuality, including Erectile Failure and Premature Ejaculation;
  • Female problems: Female-orientated difficulties, including Anorgasmia and Vaginsmus;
  • Mechanical problems: associated with anatomy and understanding how the body works.

Often psychosexual issues are kept hidden through embarrassment or anxiety. Whatever the problem, our therapists have experience in helping to put you at ease and resolving the issue.

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