Work Issues

Work Issues

Most of us spend a significant amount of time at work. Working can be hugely beneficial to us as it gives our lives structure and gives us a sense of purpose and, hopefully, achievement. Most of us tend enjoy our jobs and careers most of the time, but that is not always the case. Sometimes we want to change or might feel stuck.

According to BUPA, 'Work-related stress is the negative reaction that occurs when demands at work exceed your ability to cope. It can also be caused by other problems at work, such as feeling inadequate, bullying or harassment, or having poor working conditions'. All of these can affect our well-being and health, and lead to physical, emotional and behavioural problems. These problems can seep into other areas of life, such as home and family.

Feeling of inadequacy can arise from our own perceptions of ourselves and our abilities, or from unrealistic demands made by employers. Either way, this can lead to self-limiting beliefs (e.g."I am no good", "I can't do this") and attempts to reduce this stress through other coping mechanisms (e.g. alcohol, gambling, eating).

Some symptoms of work related issues might include:

  • feeling worried or uneasy
  • difficulty sleeping
  • unable to concentrate
  • irritability
  • over-alertness
  • feeling on edge
  • unable to relax
  • feeling tearful

Approaching Retirement

Retirement is a time of change and can lead to uncertainty. Many of us define ourselves to some extent by our careers. On meeting someone new, one question that is almost guaranteed to be asked is 'What do you do?'. When we retire, we no longer have that definition in our lives. We lose the structure of work, sometimes it can be lonely and we may wonder what to do with the extra free time. This can lead to identity problems and feelings of emptiness, lonliness and lack of self-esteem.

Through therapy or coaching, I can offer help and techniques to deal with a wide range of work-related issues.

Some useful information: