Who Are You? Personality Test

Who Are You?

Are you a Warrior, a Settler or a Nomad? Take our short personality test to get an estimate of your personality type:

Question 1 When buying a medium-priced new item, you are most inclined to:

  • a) Research what you want and seek it out
  • b) Get a clearer opinion by asking other people what they think
  • c) Make a spontaneously instinctive decision

Question 2 In a minor disagreement, you are likely to:

  • a) State your case very firmly
  • b) Try to find middle ground with a fair compromise
  • c) Use personality and wit to make your point

Question 3 You have to go a party where you don’t know anybody. You are likely to:

  • a) Not give too much away about yourself
  • b) Be a bit nervous but go out of your way to make friends
  • c) Enjoy playing to a new audience

Question 4 How do you think other people are most likely to describe you?

  • a) You are positively orientated and determined
  • b) Usually in a good mood, an agreeable person to be with
  • c) Different from the crowd – an individual
  • Mostly a): You are most likely a WARRIOR
  • Mostly b): You are most likely a SETTLER
  • Mostly c): You are most likely a NOMAD

The Personality Types

The Warrior personality tends to have a reputation for firmness and a no- nonsense attitude to life. Psychologically stronger than either the Settler or Nomad personality types, they find no difficulty in taking charge of things and easily attain the respect of others. They are cautious yet rapid thinkers who are unsurpassed at finding and exploiting the flaw in any argument. Negatively, there can be a problems with cynicism and jealousy and there is not the immediately friendly response generally found in the Settler. Indeed, there will sometimes be a significant pause before answering any question that is put to them and even then, the answer will often be carefully phrased in such a way to leave as many options open as possible.

The Settler personality, being able to fit in with almost any situation, is necessarily a kind of psychological chameleon. The most obvious traits are a pleasant and responsive attitude to others but sometimes with a tendency towards mood swings from happy to miserable – or the other way round – at the slightest provocation, the smallest event. There is also often an ‘all or nothing’ tendency, in which if they cannot have absolutely what they want, they will simply refuse to have any part of it at all and will ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’. Excellent talkers and communicators, they are unrivalled when it comes to having an instinctive grasp of all that is going on around them. They are usually reliable and come over as ‘nice’ people, which they almost always are.

The Nomad personality in its purest form tends towards extremes in many things. They enjoy life to the full and can give much pleasure to a great many people along the way – except for the occasions when they get carried away with frivolity and excitement, loving to shock others with loud and embarrassing behaviour and being amazed when someone complains about their excesses. This exuberance tends to show itself quite often and can be quite exhausting/tiresome for their companions. Most of the time, though, this personality is tempered by more sensible traits from the other two groups, not unusually producing an individual who can quite often uplift others with their irrepressible sense of fun and enthusiasm.

(© Terence Watts)

This is only a brief test, the full assessment is surprisingly accurate and can give real insight into your personality type and any inner conflict. Contact Us to find out more about what this means for you, to book your full assessment and to discover your potential.