Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials, shared with permission

"I have found such immense benefit from the BWRT therapy I have had with John. I had a personal family situation really causing me immense anxiousness and affecting me greatly. With John’s help I was able to neutralise the emotions attached to it in record time, and the relief I feel is unbelievable. It was a situation I could not avoid, and in my mind I was saying “this is amazing”, as when the situation arose I no longer had the emotional attachment to it, and I can now move forward happily and confidently. This has not only helped me greatly but it’s had a knock on effect with the rest of my family, we are all more relaxed and happier for it. I would urge anyone to undergo BWRT therapy with John, his guidance has been invaluable, and I am so grateful to him for introducing this wonderful therapy to me." - A.F., Leeds

"I said l wouldn't shout from the rooftops until I'm sure...I'm sure and shouting from the rooftops!!! I had BWRT in January and although I felt as if something had happened,l couldn't know until now. I have just stood in a neighbours garden while dozens of pigeons were called into their hut. I didn't flinch.l didn't feel anxious. In fact l didn't feel anything!!! In the past,l have jumped into roads as a bird flew out from under a bridge, l have slammed my brakes on when a moth woke up as l set off in the car...and many more stories of 'freaking out' Sorry for the long speech...but l am so excited...l am cured of a lifelong phobia!!!!!" - K.W., Northallerton

"I have had several amazing Skype therapy sessions with John and each time I have felt a significant shift and change for the better. 12 years ago I experienced a traumatic birth of my son and had not slept as well as I used to since. Always feeling on "alert". After BWRT for the issue with John I can now relax more easily and sleep more peacefully. Thank you John you're a great therapist." - M.G., Lancashire

"Thanks again for the session last week, I can't tell you how much more relaxed and calm I'm feeling." - J., Yorkshire

"I visited hypnotherapist John Taylor. With no specific requirements but keen to find out more, I had a hypnotherapy relaxation session. In a chair opposite John, I closed my eyes and drifted away as his gentle voice lulled me into a very relaxed state during which he encouraged me to visualise myself in a happy and reaffirming place- the beach! It was indeed deeply relaxing and I felt serene and uplifted afterwards." - Lizzy, Aspire Magazine

"Hi John, Just thought I'd email to let you know how I'm getting on. Everything's going really well! All the anxiety I had has gone it's been amazing. Thanks so much for all your help, I feel like a new person." - D.W., Skipton

"I felt very safe and relaxed during my sessions with John - he has a very soothing voice - and would have no hesitation in booking more sessions with him if I needed to." - P.C., Skipton

"I was very lucky to find John up in the Yorkshire Dales. During my weekly sessions, he was able to encourage me to relax and think about how I managed my life. Afterwards, I felt refreshed and fully equipped to respond to day to day challenges that I faced. I found John to be very polite and professional at all times." - S.B., Skipton