Retirement and Redundancy Coaching

Retirement and Redundancy

At certain times in our lives, 'big things' happen. Retirement and redundancy are two of those. We are often defined in life by the roles we have, either by ourselves or by other people, and this definition can give a sense of self-identity and purpose. When those roles are no longer there, it can leave a vaccuum and we can be left wondering what to do. Of the two, retirement is usually pre-planned to an extent, although we might want or need to make a sudden decision to take early retirement. Redundancy, on the other hand, can come about with little warning.

A common challenge with both of these situations is time - what to do with the hours we spent working? Our response to this will often depend on our personality or outlook. Some people will relish the freedom, some will wonder what to do with the spare time. Either way, this can be seen as an opportunity to explore new ideas, interests, hobbies, or to find a new career or sense of purpose.

Coaching could help you to find a direction and approach the next stage in life with enthusiasm and optimism. It could help to:

  • Find a sense of direction
  • Adjust to a new role
  • Strengthen self-identity
  • Develop new interests
  • Plan a new career
  • Deal with stressful situations
  • Increase confidence or assertiveness
  • Overcome feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Increase ability to cope
  • Plan for retirement

BWRT® Transformational Coaching is an investment in you, your future, your happiness and well-being