Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues & Couples Therapy

'Extensive research has shown that people with satisfying relationships are likely to have fewer health problems and live longer. In contrast, those who do not have many social connections tend to show signs of depression and cognitive decline. Relationship counselling is focused primarily on making sure relationship issues are dealt with in a way that supports the health and well-being of those involved.' - Counselling Directory

Relationships are a very significant part of our lives - we are after all social animals - and a good, positive relationship can bring us a great deal of happiness. For many of us though, the only pattern we have of how a relationship should be is to look at those closest to us - our parent, friends, family. When we think about it, for that relationship to work for you, both you and your partner would need to be the same as those other people! Positive relationships do not just happen; they require work, sometimes hard work, and there are challenges along the way. The approaches I use are designed to help you to explore yourself, your strengths, improve any areas that might need improving and understand yourself and your partner better.

I may be able to help you if you:

  • are currently in a poor relationship.
  • cannot easily get into or sustain a relationship.
  • cannot get over a broken relationship.

Depending on the issue, I would see either the couple together in the same session, or as individuals. There may be a combination of joint sessions and individuals sessions where we work one-to-one to overcome specific issues. I offer a reduced fee if I am seeing a couple together in the same session, or both partners in individual sessions.

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