Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, a manager, an employee, looking to startup a new business or looking for a new job or career, a business coach can help to develop your skills or those of your staff and could greatly improve your chances of success, business growth and stability.

Start-ups can be risky - about half fail within the first three years, often due to poor planning and unforseen problems, all easy mistakes for anyone doing this for the first time. With the help of a business coach, the possibility for mistakes could be significantly reduced.

As an established business, you may wish to grow and expand, enter new markets, develop new strategies or increase sales. Business coaching can help to bring structure to these processes, enabling you to gain clarity o purpose, to fully understand your role in achieving success, and develop robust plans leading to success that is measurable and sustainable.

As your coach, we can assist you in organising your thoughts, focus on priorities and overcome any issues that might impede progress. We help to bring out the best of you, focus on what you want for your business (not what we thingk you should do!) and help to keep you motivated and on track.

Just some of the common benefits business owners can gain from coaching include:

  • A sense of purpose for themsleves and their company
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Business growth
  • Improved motivation
  • Improved staff and personal performance
  • Increased sense of confidence
  • Better work/life balance
  • Better ability to cope with change

Business Coaching can help with a wide range of work and business related issues for you and your staff, helping to guide you from where you ae now to where you want to be:

  • Overcome uncertainty
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Overcome fear of failure or success
  • Resolve perfectionism, lack of motivation or procrastination
  • Improve confidence, public speaking and presentation skills
  • Manage stress
  • Improve work / life balance
  • Adjust to a new role
  • Deal with challenging situations
  • Manage stress
  • Deal with conflict
  • Improve assertiveness
  • Improve people management skills
  • Improve time management
  • Manage difficult or challenging teams
  • Plan for redundancy or retirement

BWRT® Transformational Coaching is an investment in you, your business, and your success

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